If You Only Gift Yourself One Thing, Let it be This

It's tempting to use your time off around the holidays to rehash the year and dream about the future (resolutions, anyone?) -- but don't.
If you haven't made time to goal set and future plan yet, schedule time to do it after the holidays because...

The greatest gift you can give yourself this season is the gift of presence.

Be present with yourself
Be present with your friends and family
Put your phone away
Notice your breath
Notice the way your loved ones laugh
Resist the urge to pull your phone out
Give yourself permission to #latergram
Read a book
Just be

When you give yourself that gift of stillness, it's almost always a little easier to move forward with clarity, intention, and a remembered sense of what matters most to you.

Happy Holidays, Friend! 

See ya lots more in the New Year.