​When the Universe is Telling You to Slow Down, Listen

That subject line should actually read something like: “when the world tells you to slow down, you should absolutely listen but chances are if you’re running at full speed, you’ll miss the message altogether.” But that felt like a bit much for a subject.

After leaving my corporate job 8 months ago, I told myself (and you and anyone that would listen) that I was taking it easy...resting and recovering...decompressing from running at full-speed for 10+ full years, growing my coaching business slowly. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

My identity was so intertwined with my career and this idea that if I wasn’t “working” in the traditional sense, that I wasn’t successful. So, I filled the majority of my “restful break from the corporate world” with more things to do and even more thoughts to think. I completely underestimated how much my thoughts impact my reality. Sure, I took a lot of time off this year but when I wasn’t “working” I was thinking about “working” and what I would do to gain more clients, more readers, start writing my book, develop more content and even the thoughts of what career I would take on if none of this worked out! I was running and thinking at full-speed, I had completely forgotten a lot of my original intentions in starting my company in the first place.

By early September, I wanted to bury myself in a pillow fort, sleep, read, and just think about all sorts of nothing. I had completely run out of steam; I had “thought” myself into the ground.

Most importantly, though, I wasn’t practicing what I write about so often. I wasn’t listening to my body or taking great care of myself; I had fallen off of my regular meditation & mindfulness practice and to put it simply? I felt physically and mentally cluttered.

Luckily, I’ve trained myself to rebound from these ruts and these past couple of months have been a big exercise in s l o w i n g d o w n and remembering my purpose for coaching, writing, and this newsletter.

There’s no non-cheesy way to say this so I’ll just go for it...my goal has always been to bring you guidance and resources so that you can unapologetically create the life that you want to live. This is still my goal. However, I believe more strongly than ever that the path to clarity, confidence, and a life that you love can only be found through stillness.

Whether I’m working with private individuals, start ups, or just a conversation with a friend, the first step is always the same: we must go inward, before we can start solving our outward problems. This re-discovery has given me a new focus and direction. Over the next few months, you'll see quite a few changes to the blog and content but please know this is all in the spirit of bringing you proven techniques and resources to help you “slow down in order to speed up” , move through life more mindfully with yourself and others, and de-clutter your physical and mental space in order to move through life with more clarity, confidence, and happiness.

Thank you all so much for reading and I look forward to continuing this journey with you through stillness.

With love,

Amy K Hall