It's OK to take time and process: a thought on the state of our world.

As someone who has a voice in the digital world of spreading love and light, I felt like I had an obligation to respond publicly via social media or my blog to the recent horrendous events that have taken place around the world but I couldn’t find the words. For the most part, aside from a few inspirational quotes shared on facebook, I said nothing. Then, I read post after post that those of us who choose to say nothing are actually contributing to the problem.

Like many of you, I felt angry, hurt, confused, and helpless. I felt guilt.

Once I forgave myself for doing nothing, I slowly started to realize that it wasn’t that I was doing nothing. I was likely doing the most valuable thing of all. 

I was reading.

I was educating myself on the local and global issues.

I was listening.

I was processing.

And most importantly?

I was taking the time to decide what my best individual contribution could be.

We all have something really unique to contribute to these global issues.

Some of us, as teachers and parents, impact the daily lives of children and you have a choice to change the world by instituting love and kindness as laws in your homes and classroom.

Some of us are wildly connected in the world and in the media and you have a choice to take a stand for the groups you represent and the messages you share.

Some of us create beautiful art and you have a choice to choose to use your art to share a message that will ignite conversation and likely change the world.

Some of us have a passion that is stirring in our soul and when we live our lives in alignment with that passion, we are naturally more inclined to see the good, do good, share good, be good – you…you have a choice to go after your passion and as a result leave the world better than how you found it.

And that is all that I want to remind you of, today.

To be 100% clear, I’m not promoting silence, passiveness, or inaction around the many injustices happening in our world right now. I am simply suggesting that we all take the time to understand and get behind what our best individual contribution to the problem can be – and then go do that.