Introducing... Pay-What-You-Can Coaching

Typically, I work with one-on-one clients over the course of 2-3 months and we delve deep into self-discovery, mindset & behavior shifts, creative visioning, and detailed action plans but sometimes… all you need is a good swift power sesh to give you the clarity you need to take action on your own – and that is why I am so excited to announce that I am now offering 45-minute single sessions on a pay-what-you-can basis.

What is it and how does it work?

Pay-what-you-can coaching sessions are single 45 minute sessions offered once a week and done via phone or skype – plain and simple.

How it works:

  • Sign up for a time slot on my calendar here:
  • Included in the sign up form is a short intake survey to give me as much info and background as possible to prep for our 45-minutes together.
  • At the time of your session, I’ll coach you through hot topics outlined in your intake survey and we’ll wrap with next steps for you to take.
  • Post session, I’ll send you a re-cap with supporting resources and link to pay-what-you-can (100% up to you – no rules, no minimums here) for your session.

The process is simple and these power sessions can be invaluable.

Why am I doing this?

I thought about working with a coach for 3 years before I actually made the investment of my time, money, and resources. When I did make the commitment, It was SO worth it but in the meantime, I would have loved the opportunity to soundboard my ideas, get out of the box objective solutions, and build decision making strategies in single one off sessions that aligned with what my schedule and budget allowed.

I truly believe that everyone should have a right to affordable coaching and the opportunity to live lives more aligned with what makes us happy and keeps us feeling fulfilled. To me, this is the secret to making the world a better place and this is my opportunity to contribute by offering these sessions.

Is pay-what-you-can coaching for you?

PWYC Coaching might be for you if:

  • You’re new to a coaching relationship...Maybe you’ve considered working with a coach before but you’re really just not sure if it’s for you. It’s a great affordable introduction to a 1:1 coaching relationship.
  • You’re no stranger to coaching...Maybe you’ve worked with a coach before OR you’re a huge personal development junkie and you’re just looking for a quick re-boot or some fresh new tools and resources.
  • You’ve got a “situation”... Maybe you have a hot topic or situation coming up and need an objective sounding board to prepare. Whether it’s a difficult conversation you need to have with a colleague or supervisor or you’re looking for resources to help you through a major life decision, we can cover it.

I'll be offering these sessions every Friday so please take advantage and SPREAD THE WORD!! Feel free to share with your friends, family, colleagues, partners, etc. - anyone you feel would be interested in some 1:1 coaching.

As always, thanks for reading and thanks in advance for sharing. 

Amy K Hall