3 Truths to Help you with Decision Overwhelm

Try to transport yourself to the last time you were either ordering take out or deciding what to watch on Netflix. Just go with me on this one... and no judgement if that’s a regular occurrence for you and you’re transporting yourself to last night.

Let’s just say you had a long day at work and maybe you even skipped lunch. You decide to treat yourself to take-out… but here comes the hard part... hanger is setting in, and you have to decide what kind of food you want, what restaurant you want, what you’ll order, and how much. And if you’re anything like me, this is when the drama comes on, you hand the decision to your husband, and say: “just decide for me!” and then you have to decide what to watch?! None of your regular shows have new episodes and you’re hangry. So, you’re not sure what to watch or if you want to laugh, get serious, or cry and choosing a comedy at the wrong hour can really just set you over the edge.

Anyway, you scroll through series and movie options until your take-out arrives and at that point you’re frustrated with the time wasted, you’re frustrated that you’re wasting even more time being annoyed with the time wasted, you’re too grumpy to even enjoy your dinner and you still haven’t made a decision about what to watch.

Just me? I don’t believe you.

This is a really easy example of analysis paralysis or decision overwhelm and this is just one small area of our life that it shows up in.

We do this in relationships and we do this in our careers.

I love the invention of the internet (do I sound ancient when I say that? Lol) I really do. I love having access to so much information, so many different people, so many different parts of the world, and mostly? I love feeling like absolutely anything is possible and truly believing that it is.

However, I do think that access to so many options and so much information can do the exact opposite and completely paralyze us from making a decision at all.

We overstay our welcome in jobs that are not the right fit because we simply can’t decide which next step to take. We overstay our time in romantic relationships because there are just as many articles telling us to work through it as there are telling us to just break it off – we can’t decide. We waste half of our night deciding what to watch and what to eat because options feel limited and time feels too precious to waste (No... still just me? Ok.)

As a result, we end up not making any decisions at all and staying stuck or stalled with this heavily weighted burden of wasting precious time.

Today, I’m sharing 3 simple and enlightening truths about decision making that have helped me work through my decision overwhelm. They’re so simple. Keep these nearby as a reminder anytime you’re feeling any case of the analysis paralysis or decision overwhelm.

  1. In life, you’re going to make a lot of right decisions – fact.

  2. In life, you’re going to make a lot of wrong decisions – fact.

  3. You won’t know if you’re decisions are right or wrong until you make them – fact.

So simple, right? Well, that’s the easy breezy cold hard truth, people. You’ll be faced with decisions from now until forever. You will make good ones and bad ones, right ones and wrong ones, but if you don’t make any? Well, you won’t know. You won’t learn. You won’t grow. You’ll waste precious time – our most valuable commodity.

Well, as I always say: you get to decide, people! Whatever decision overwhelm you are dealing with, give yourself a deadline, and make a decision. If you’re struggling with a decision, (ahem…) coaches are really great at helping you decide your criteria and make really excited moves and I just so happen to be available.

Contact me, here for a free consult!

As always, thank you for reading!

Amy K Hall